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Remotely Operated Vehicles

World Wide Training  IMCA Member

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We are World Wide Training Establishment Member of the International Marine Contractors Association, IMCA participating in the Remote Systems & ROV Division based the Europe & Africa Section.

QSTAR ROV TRAINING CENTER, first established and unique ROV Training Center in Spain, provides  high quality and realistic training, receiving trainees from all over the world. Practical ROV training are developed onboard our multipurpose work vessel providing the best assessment following the IMCA guidelines and the commercial industry requirements.

We offer our training programmes under the highest standards of quality and the right equipments for the ROV Pilot Technician courses and other technical courses related in the maritime industry (Offshore and Onshore). We deliver Corporate Training Onsite and ROV Commissioning Projects Worldwide, providing the best assessment following IMCA guidelines and company requirements. 


We provide training in real conditions on board our Supply work vessel & ROV Control Room. This allows our students to gain all the necessary skills and knowledges in Safety procedures, Launch & Recovery, ROV Piloting and team work providing a realistic training. Our courses’ program is structured in theoretical and practical classes, providing all the skills required by the professional industry.


ROV Pilot Training exercises are performed onboard a ROV Supply Vessel performing real operations found onshore & offshore:


  • Sub Sea Pipeline survey.

  • LARS, Launch & Recovery operations.

  • Shallow & Deep seabed survey.

  • Non destructive testing.

  • UWILD Inspections.

  • Support in Diving operations.

  • Tooling & Sensors.

  • Valve work.

  • Hull & Structure Inspections.

  • Marine survey tasks.

  • Sonar navigation & USBL acoustic positioning.

  • Video inspection techniques.

  • Manipulator Tasks.

  • Safety Toolbox talks.

  • Teamworks skills.

  • Radio communications onboard

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