We deliver underwater and confined space inspection solutions to the global subsea, oil and gas, military, marine and research industries.Delivering breakthrough ROV technologies that have redefined the capabilities and characteristics of small ROV systems, AC-CESS is at the forefront of shallow and deep water ROV design.
As manufacturer of the AC-ROV 100 Underwater Inspection System and the AC-ROV 3000 Fly Out System we enable unrivalled ROV inspection and ingress capabilities.Our highly experienced world wide distribution network is supported by an in-house project engineering capability that provides custom solutions designed with your application in mind.


The AC-ROV is a full five degrees of freedom underwater video camera and sensor platform. This manoeuvrability is essential as other underwater inspection vehicles do not have the mobility to work in confined spaces.

To make the most of the AC-ROV’s manoeuvrability, the system uses a completely intuitive 3D controller with a single handed grip that can be moved in any direction, rotated and tilted. The AC-ROV responds by moving in the same way that the grip is moved. Controlling more movements than any single-handed joystick, it is still easier to use, simply because it doesn’t require brain power. The controller incorporates an array of powerful flight assist functions:

Flight Freeze / Flight Un-freeze / Progressive Forward Flight, Vertical Trim and Tilt / 3 stage Power Increment / Camera switching.


The system is rated to a market leading 100m water depth with a 100mm "drive through" and a 73mm "drive under". The six wheel all drive crawler can be configured with a range of wheel types and sizes to suit differing pipe diameters and terrain. Fitted with a low light front facing colour camera  and an even more light sensitive rear view B&W camera and dual arc LED's at both ends as standard the powerful and agile AC-CELL is ideal for inspecting seriously hard to reach spaces. These market leading attributes are delivered in an extremely robust and reliable low maintenance design which means the AC-CELL keeps coming back for more.

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